Cubs Invested on High

3 November 2013

Cubs Invested on High


8th November 2012 will be a day three brave Beavers will never forget as they climbed the heights of Queen Anne’s Climbing wall to be invested as Cubs in the 5th Woodley (Hornets) Cub Pack.

After a fantastic evening of climbing, seeing Cubs climb to the dizzy heights of a 30ft wall, and the look on their faces when they achieve something they didn’t think they could do, just minutes before, is why I joined scouting.   We took a third of our pack climbing, (12 in total) to this evening.
At the end of the evening, we took the opportunity of there being a ledge to stand on (20ft up and about 1m by ½ m wide) , plus the willingness of the beavers to climb up to it, (much to the nervousness of the parents) and we went for it.  I went up first and the cubs (to be) followed, in turn.
Mitchell Fisher, Matthew Crocker and Daniel Miller climbed up the wall, one at a time, and stood on the ledge to be invested, then as fully fledged cubs’ they abseiled down afterwards.

The event would not have happened without the help of experienced climbing instructors, Paul Norris, and his team, Richard, Dan, Keith and Dean, and to them we are very thankful.

David Hughes
Hornets Cub Scout Pack